September 2, 2015

Walnut floating hall table

Sent this floating hall table off to its new home.

Leather drawer pulls, and lovely black walnut.

More info at my site


June 9, 2015

Walnut captains bed

captains bed

Just finished a queen sized captains bed, in black walnut and oak.

walnut bed

 It has 6 dovetailed solid wood drawers for storage.

dovetailed drawers


May 13, 2015

Round walnut Dining table

Here's a dining table I just made perched a top Knox Mountain with an amazing view of Kelowna.  
kelowna furniture

The walnut table is 60" in diameter, it'll seat 6 comfortably.  The client asked for the contrasting sap wood to be included with a few character knots.  

round walnut table


Slot mortiser

I've been looking for 7 plus years for a slot mortiser.  This type of machine seems to be a pretty rare on the used market, let alone in B.C. .  I was lucky enough to find it an hours drive away.  It's a stout little machine made by Frommia.  I thought it was a sheet metal base until I tried to move it, it's all cast iron.  Pretty excited to add this guy to the shop.